This Stuff Makes Me Pretty Mad

Of course I grew up in a rural part of North Carolina and I know a pretty fair number of people who voted for the man, but I know a lot of other folks who refuse to call him by his given name. They call him 45 and it is not a compliment. I always was taught to know the difference between right and wrong, so I wonder how 60 million people could have voted for the man. If you read things like the you can just scroll up and down and see one example after another of how unfit this man is for the position that he holds. Unfortunately the man works for me doing, quote unquote, a job for which he is not in any shape or form qualified. The main thing is that it is a really difficult and time consuming job, which you would have to make some sort of effort to perform adequately, but he is just flat out uninterested in doing anything harder than watching the news on cable TV.

I guess that we have had a lot of people in the job that were not exactly the greatest human beings, if you read up on Andrew Jackson or Andrew Johnson you would find that out really quickly. Jackson was a complete jerk who did not pay any attention to the laws when they disagreed with him. Of course some of my kin are Cherokee, so they would have a hard time saying a kind word about the man. If you went by the law those people still own the entire state of Georgia to be honest. He was qualified to do the job and he worked at though. Trump just does not have a thought in his entire mind that does not concern himself alone.

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