The Best Part is the Taste

Reading Idealshape results and reviews online, I readied myself for yet another lose weight quickly fad that would likely lose its luster rather quickly after you got into it. The reviews were great and people bragged about the results, but I rolled my eyes. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read reviews about the latest diet fad only to discover that I either hated the food, hated the taste, or hated the plan. Sure, I’d lose weight, maybe a few pounds here and there, but I couldn’t stay on the diet because it tasted so bad. Who wants to eat something that tastes awful?

These reviews were pretty good, and the nutritional content was right about where it should be for a shake type diet plan. I’ve had these types of nutritional shakes before as well and few tasted good. There is always something off about the taste or the consistency that can be really off putting to someone attempting to lose some pounds. I decided to give this one a shot, however, because the descriptions described it as more of a dessert than your typical diet shake. Who doesn’t like dessert? I know I love desserts, probably too much!

I’ve expressed my skepticism about these shakes because I want everyone to see that I know how this game works. We’re all looking for the best tasting product that works, and after trying these shakes I have to say I’m blown away. They’re amazing. You wouldn’t know you’re drinking a diet shake they taste so good. And the results? The reviews are accurate as I’ve lost at least ten pounds since I’ve been drinking them and, even better, they’re filling so you aren’t craving sweets or other snacks after drinking one. I always feel full and have lots of energy. I love them!

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