I Hope I Can Afford This Condo

The place that I am looking at is going to be a real stretch for me, but I want it pretty bad because the location is almost perfect for me. The office where I am working is literally in sight of the place, although the unit that the representative from New Futura showed me is on the wrong side of the building. It would be about a seven and a half minute walk from the lobby of this building to my office. After they showed it to me I got a map and figured out the different ways to get there and tested out two of them. I was looking for the ways which would be best for riding a bike, but none of the ways that I saw would be too great for that. Obviously there is a lot of traffic in most parts of the island and this is not an exception. You really would be wiser not to get a bike in the midst of all of the cars and trucks on the road, they are not all going to avoid hitting you.

At any rate this place is going to take more money than I have on me at the moment and so it is not like I am going to be able to do it right now. I am thinking about this one idea, which is to convince my grandfather that it is a good investment. He has money, but none that he is going to give away. Of course a condo is not going to go down in value if it is in a really good location, so in theory this would be a good place to park some money and I need to convince him that it is a good thing for him and not just for me.

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