A Retained Search Firm for Executive Candidates Helps Rural Medical Facilities Recruit Practitioners

Rural medical facilities can have substantial trouble recruiting physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other higher-level medical professionals. They may seek assistance from a Retained search firm that includes doctors and nurses in its recruiting services. An increasing shortage of family doctors nationwide has a negative impact on small towns and villages that aren’t near a bigger city. Clinics and hospitals in those regions may rely on assigning tasks to registered nurses and physician assistants who are qualified to do some of the work of doctors, but those workers may not be readily available either.

An agency such as Kaye/Bassman works with managers and directors in the medical facilities to build a recruitment package that can entice health care practitioners to areas they would not otherwise choose. With this agency located in Dallas, members of its recruiting staff are familiar with the wide open spaces of Texas and how many isolated small towns there are.

Salary is likely to be an issue for doctors considering rural areas. The facility may not be able to pay more compensation than is offered in bigger towns, but it should at least be in the ballpark with other salaries. An appealing work schedule can be attractive to doctors. For instance, they might put in their expected hours over four days and take three days off. Other days would be covered by a physician assistant or high-level registered nurse. Extra paid vacation time for volunteer work that is important to the practitioners also can be compelling. Some physicians want to volunteer for organizations that provide medical care in third-world countries, for example. They might be willing to work in a rural area if they are able to receive a month’s paid vacation in return for dedication to their volunteer projects.

Hospital directors are no doubt familiar with medical students who agree to work in a certain community or for a certain facility in exchange for tuition payments. Another possibility would be for a hospital to pay part of a new doctor’s student loan amount in return for a year or two as an employee with the facility. An executive recruiting firm can help with this process, matching suitable candidates with hospitals around the country.

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